What is The SOS Day™ ?

The SOS Day™ is at its simplest one day: 24 Hours or 1,440 Minutes or 86,400 Seconds.

It is a day to gather all the current and potential participants, presenters and partners from around the globe and provides them with the opportunity to connect, collaborate and inquire into what is possible and how they can add value and be added value to.

It is a day to warm people up and introduce them to the concepts and reality of Sharing OUR Solutions™ and to start to help them solve challenges people are all facing everyday.

It is a day which allows for the opportunity to network with all our fully registered and qualified participants, presenters and partners and to find out what may be possible for you from participating with The SOS Day™ more actively or through any of the other potential offers or opportunities.

It is a day to celebrate what was shared, experienced and discovered at the last Sharing Our Solutions™ Quarterly Showcase and prepare to share, present, showcase, and optimally leverage the next Sharing Our Solutions™ Quarterly Showcase and other events and opportunities that we know are coming up.

Again, asking what is The SOS Day™ is the ultimate question and one which seems simple but has a complex answer, and one which you’ll only be able to answer if you choose to find out the facts and participate and experience for yourself in some or all of our Free, Fee and VIP events.

Also remember that The SOS Day™ is constantly improving, changing and transforming as more participants and partners get involved.